Monday, 7 March 2011

Cindy's coming with a bloody short notice! :)

[backdated post written in April 2012 out of my digital logs]
Everything began here when it comes to my escape from the 3/15 Tokyo Fallout (without knowing).

Copied below are email exchanges between Cindy and myself.  Cindy is one of my close friends I met as housemates during my first few months in the UK university's student accommodation in 1993.

07-Mar-2011 05:56
Hey Chiho,

Can you believe it that I'll be in Tokyo this Friday??? Been so busy
that I haven't had time to make any arrangements. Are you sure I can
stay with you, if not, I'm happy to book a bed ;). By the way, have
you got a shopping list for me? Sambal chilli etc?

Cathy will be in town tomorrow, can't believe that I'm seeing you all
within the space of 1 month... Tina 2 weeks ago, Cathy tomorrow and
you at the end of the week. See you soon!


07-Mar-2011 17:43
Hi Cindy,

I can't believe the timing :( about cherry blossoms - coz the best
time is around the end of March, as mentioned earlier.
If you spend the same amount of money, there's a great difference :(
:( :(...

The peak day of the full bloom is soooooo nice that you can feel
euphoria - which you cannot imagine when just a few days too early.
You can't know it just by photos.

You can stay with me till you get fed up and want to shift somewhere
:D.  I know you won't keep staying in the central Tokyo but would
rather use the JR Pass.

Actually, I had already told my mother about our travellling,
and also my high-school friend Ma who recently moved to
the coast of Chiba prefecture, as she told me to join her cherry blossom watch (meaning a few weeks later).

If you can rearrange the departure time by at least two weeks, it'll
be slightly better.  (The weather right now is a bit annoying mixture of cold winter and
early spring.)

If you can't you are still welcome to stay with me.

I know Cathy is departing today.  I wish I could come over to
Singapore too for this rare opportunity. (You should drag her to Tokyo... for her Japan has never been in the priority list, despite her kids' wishes.  Maybe I should become rich enough to invite her some day.)

Add hugs when you welcome her (I missed the timing on Facebook) to Asia.

Hope to hear from you soon again about your schedule.


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