Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dear Friends

I am starting this record of my post-311 lives today where the Japanese Government is ready to give a go to Ohi Nuclear Power Plant of Kansai Electric, attempting to re-operate at least one reactor before the last one still in operation i.e., Tomari #3 in Hokkaido stops.

It is pro-nukes desire not to give any break to nuclear electric generation despite this; no any single problem has been solved in Fukushima, and #4 is still hung from the half-broken building containing many enough fuel rods to cause necessity of evacuation of the 30 million people in Tokyo Metro area.  The radioactively contaminated crops and fishes have been scattered all over Japan, and now the debris are also being spread for "burning".  The situation is now getting worse than Belarus where the younger die faster than the older due to the genetic effects of internal radiation that began those kids or even some of their parents were born.

We are witnessing that the nightmare of the World War II is being repeated as if the atomic bombs were dropped in some other countries, and no one of remembers how cruelly massive firebombs burned our parents' or grandparents' towns.  We knew our politicians and bureaucrats are nuts and the media were even worse, but never knew how much worse they could keep going.  I eventually traced back our history for 400 years as to how we lost our individuality and became this obedient the way very few of other ethnicity could be.

The reason I declare the starting point of this record is that I will also write by backdating what have happened in our lives since the 3.11 disaster in 2011.  I don't keep diary but can dig up tons of data from the digital logs with many links.  (Maybe I should change the font color up to yesterday, 5 April 2012 - hoping to catch up with ongoing posts.)

 I was living in the central Tokyo till the end of May last year, and moved out of my still-shaking flat back to my hometown in Kobe area, to the parents' house I had never dreamed of coming back to.  I loved the Tokyo life so much from the day one in 1986 (except some four years in total spent in the UK in 1990's and 2001).

The room in which I sleep now is where I experienced the 1.17 Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake in 1995 when I was briefly back to stay with my parents from the UK.

There have been quite a few issues that turned out to be common between these two catastrophes - both as geoscientific phenomena and human errors.

Many of us in Japanese who have been connected in social networks; Twitter, Facebook, etc., are now aware that what we know must be shared with anyone living on the Earth even though everyone is holding their share of increasing problems especially in the so-called "developed" countries, the legacies of 20th century.

I have friends around the world with rich multi-cultural background.  After the dreadful Tsunami videos and images appeared on the TV screens, they asked me if I was okay mainly by email (it would have been more by phone if the epicenter had been Tokyo).

The mainstream media kept reporting on Tsunami-hit areas in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, but anything related to true danger of nuclear power plants and radiation has been either hidden or distorted.  In the first few days after the series of Fukushima Daiichi explosions, I was unbelievably ignorant.

While most of my friends are maybe too old to "live" in the SNS world, I occasionally tried to share the information I got day to day by emailing them.  The result was, almost everyone was as indifferent as I used to be till a year ago.  Not just when I used BCC distribution, but even when I write personally, the feedback is almost none.

It made me want to leave this blog in case someone need to refer to in the future if the Earth is lucky enough not to be destroyed by the nuclear.

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