Saturday, 12 March 2011

Emails exchanges with Cindy taken to Seoul

[backdated post written in April 2012 out of my digital logs]

I sent my email early in the morning and noticed Cindy's reply a few hours later.  I also noticed later that she had attempted to reach me by phone with all the numbers I gave (IP landphone, mobile, and a Skype Call number which I used to own).  Our email exchanges continued a lot after it was clear that Cindy had to stay another night in Seoul.  We didn't even know which Japanese Airport her flight would get to.

12-03-2012 06:25
Hi Cindy,

Hope you are okay.

I'm going to bed now - the aftershock was so long and many of us after all stuck to Twitter, etc.  Even Niigata and Nagano experienced Level 6 shaking.

I'm gonna clean my room and try to join you (I'm still thinking of Monday travelling).

Good night.  Enjoy your day in Nagoya.  It's worth spending your time too.
Keep my home phone number.

If any more disaster occurs, and the landline is cut off, my Skype number is 050-XXXX-XXXX. 

12-03-2012 10:17
Hi Chiho,

So glad you are ok. Am actually in South Korea now. The plane got
diverted to Nagoya but they didn't let anyone off so we ended p in
Seoul's airport Incheon. United put us up in a hotel and will let us
know when we get to the airport again at noon what's going on.

Was waching the news and things look so chaotic even in Tokyo. I'm
just wondering if it is convenient to come to Japan at this time with
all the devastation. Just let me know otherwise ok.

I'll go look for a phone now as my phone doesn't seem to work.

ok talk to you soon :)


12-03-2012 12:56
Hi Cindy,

If you arrive at any Kansai airport, my mother is ready to have you stay (she dashed to clean up). 

In that case, I will give a direction from the nearest JR station.

If near Fukuoka, Kyushu, my twitter friend (used to be a hotel clerk) can give you lodging information.  She keeps Twitter on (works for a Yakitori shop from lunch time till late at night). 

I will take a nap again, but feel free to call (Sorry, I notice Skype call only when sitting at the pc).

Take care.

PS  Sorry you called so many times in all the numbers.  I will take a nap now (was awake after all for replying, etc.) but keep the mobile near (instead of the bag!).  If you ever use Skype (not sure if you had acc), calling 050 is the unusually expensive unlike calling from normal landphone which treats 050 #s as friends.

12-03-2012 16:33

Hi Chiho,
Please thank your mom for making so much effort. Im actually still stuck in Seoul, will head out to look for food and a lookaround after this.
Seems like fllights to Tokyo Narita will resume tomorrow and I have a flight at noon, should get in about 2pm.Was thinking of making my way straight to Kyoto so maybe I will come by Mozen Nakachio to drop off your present from Cathy and pineapple tarts and head off...will you be joining me? Actually was thinking of asking you to come along as I don't think there is much difference in price for one or two persons right where accomodations are concerned. Let me know....
Ok am heading out to get some grub and have a short look around the city.
P.S. sorry I didn't manage to get sambal chilli in time but will send some over once I get back. 

12-03-2012 17:27
Hi Cindy,

Hope you enjoy Seoul - many Japanese women travel there for foods and beauty :).  Esp. since the Yon-sama boom.

So, you got JR Pass?  If so, you don't have to come to Monzen-Nakacho but can go straight to Tokyo Station by JR instead of Keisei Line.  If your luggage is as small as usual, there's a JR station called Ecchujima (only for local stops) between Maihama (for Disney Land) and Tokyo Station, which is 10min from my flat.

But because the land is still moving, if you head for the west, the early the better.  I still wonder how to catch up.   Unless you have a big plan there, you can stay in Kyoto.

I will think of joining you on Sunday instead of later... there are a few things to clear what to do here (the mess in the room with remaining danger & fresh prowns alive delivered suddenly yesterday :( :( :(... scared...) and what I can do in Kobe (tax return due on 16th - wondering if I really have to keep the deadline this time).

The other things are, if I go home, people I want to see are available only on Wed and Thu (eve).

But I think both you and I should get back to Tokyo by Friday (given it'll be already safer) or Saturday if you fly from Narita on 20th (Mon).

It's getting warmer, but still cold here.  Without gas, I'm thinking of going to the public bath nearby now... and get some more disposable heaters.   Some electric stations seem to have been hit, and energy supply by Tokyo Electric will be reduced tonight.

Will think of my schedule shift.

Btw, I just got a call from my parents.  Not much hassle other than making a space for our sleep.  They are ready if we (or even you alone) stay tomorrow night.

Bye for now.


12-03-2012 17:27
Why don't you come with me and get away from the danger zone. I will be in Tokyo Sunday which is tomorrow. I will stop over at Monzen Nakachio and drop off Cathy's present as it is quite heavy, about one third the weight of my bag, you are right, my bag  is still quite small which helps with all the moving around. Do you need help with paying for the tax? How much would that be? Anyway, we will plan once I get there.
OK see you then, am finally coming to Japan after all, can't believe it after all that's happened.

We communicated like chat (not sure why we didn't use Skype this time).

12-03-2012 22:28
Anyways, I have been already preparing to join you no matter what.  I was going to go home this month anyway.  

Depending on the time of your arrival, it'll be better I carry Cathy's present (my  bag will be smaller than yours) and have it in Kobe or Kyoto.

If you give me your flight number once fixed, I can tell which is the better option for you (e.g., if it's late afternoon, I should be definitely ready, and maybe you should save every minute to get to JR Tokyo Station by Narita Express).  We can find e.o. either at Tokyo Station or anywhere in Kansai area.

Since you have the JR pass, you can visit Kyoto any time as excursion from my parents' place.  We can go straight there and take a rest first.  They are ready to have us any time. 

The construction of this building seems quite good compared to some others (steel wires in the wall in addition to steel pillars).  But only my flat out of the whole building seems to fail to get gas back.  I went to the public bath, which was on weekly holiday, and ended up taking a how nice shower at Jun's place.

See you tomorrow wherever it will be :)


12-03-2012 22:33
Oh good, glad to hear you are coming along. My flight UA890 is suppose to arrive at 14:25 Terminal 1 Narita if all goes well. ok will take the Narita Express ;))) I haven't bought any of my tickets yet, which JR pass should I be getting? I can buy it from the airport right?

12-03-2012 22:59
Wow... I thought you already got the JR Pass in Singapore...  At least in the past, it was available only outside Japan (like Europass was), and we know very little about it.  I'm checking time tables on the web now.  You might be quicker to do it (JR Pass part for foreigners) unless you are too tired.

Other than JR Pass, people get tickets at the stations in the basement of Narita.  I think they gradually became accommodating for credit card users as well - you might be able to handle everything just with machines instead of going into the counter.

Make sure you buy the ticket just for two-way riding (乗車券 jousha-ken) and for Super Express (特急券 tockyu-ken).  The return (riding) tickets should be sold with a long-distant discount (at least 10%) for the return part to expire in one week or longer.

I try to pick you up in Tokyo Station.  We'll have to go up like climbing by 8 floors of one building to get to Shinkansen Platform :).

In any event, our arrival in Kansai is going to be too late to enjoy Kyoto.  Let's take a rest in Kobe tomorrow night.



Our communications went on, but anyway, Cindy was arriving in Monzen-Nakacho, Tokyo next day.

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