Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cindy wanting to head "NORTH" this time!!

[backdated post written in April 2012 out of my digital logs]
Everything began here when it comes to my escape from the 3/15 Tokyo Fallout (without knowing).

Though not written clearly, Cindy was planning to head for Tohoku at first.

08-Mar-2011 10:09
Hi Chiho,

Would love to see the cherry blossoms unfortunately my work schedule
doesn't allow me to be there during the cherry blossom time, and I got
a free ticket from going to Canada.... guess I could chase it down
south but this trip... was thinking of heading north by bus... to see
how far I can go. [added by ch: Later, this "north" turned out to be Tohoku region!!!]

Haven't planned anything though but I do have a few ideas. Hope you
are able to keep Friday free so that you could take me to that cheap
sashimi joint where a big plate of sashimi costs USD20-30. And would
like to go to the Fish Market on Sat morning... missed that the last
two occasions I was there.

After that, I would like to head out from Tokyo ;))) would love to
visit your mom and say hello to the one who has been making those
wonderful fish ;))) but don't want to inconvenience her.

My doctor actually recommended Gifu, Nagoya and Kamakura but think
these are places in the south right?

Anyways, so looking forward to my trip and seeing you again :)))
By the way, could you please give me directions to Monzhen Nakachio
from the airport again... sorry I keep forgetting.
Should arrive about 5pm I guess ;)))
see you soon!


08-Mar-2011 18:45
Hi Cindy,

Okay, understood you have to miss the season this time :).

Give me your flight details.  Now we have to make sure which airport you'll be using,
and how much time you have here.

You are talking about "buses"... does that mean you can't get a JR Pass?? 
Using several buses could be even more costly.

I don't understand what your "south" and "north" mean (coz the archipelago runs from west to east!).

If precisely going to North, it's Nikko where Carmen and I found the antique kimono shop.  
It takes about 3hours by train (some 3000yen two ways).

Gifu, Nagoya, and Kamakura are all between my hometown and Tokyo.

Kamakura is where Eugene's family enjoyed as a one-day trip from here.

Gifu is where Carmen wanted to enjoy more, but had to give up (due to sickness of her hus) here's their gorgeous lodging place -> http://www.ryokancollection.com/eng/wanosato/ryokan_story.htm?ryokan=wanosato
It's up north from either Nagoya or Osaka.  (If with JR Pass, it's also one-day trip area.)

Nagoya is between Tokyo and Osaka (the main stop if by Shinkansen)
it's Toyota's base and has Nagoya Castle, an interesting new airport, etc.
If you have a JR ticket (even if not with the super express extra), you can get off and back on
as often as possible during the same day if the direction is consistent between the departing station and the arriving station area.

(That said, it takes some 10 hours from Tokyo to Kobe :) by local trains.... though prices are almost the same as buses.  Buses would take longer but that is why usually only night coaches are available for long distances.

When I use Shinkansen, I usually buy a 10% discount return ticket. 

The greatest problem to me now is, I really have to try hard to sleep in the night and wake up in the morning!  (I have two more days to practice... to correct this terrible 12h-lagged unusual life... ).  When Tsukiji is likely too hard for me (I hope not), I can still give you directions as both Carmen and David easily found their ways.   There are more foreign visitors, and Carmen got good suggestion for her breakfast from one of such tourists.

Have fun with Cathy.  Send my best regards.
Waiting for your flight details (both ways) and answer about JR Pass.


08-Mar-2011 18:56
About the airport question, now Haneda Airport is open for major overseas airlines (from major airports including Changi and Toronto).

If you still use Narita, ignore JR entrance and go to Keisei Narita Station Airport.
Change at Katsutadai Station (to take a train at Toyo Katsutadai Station)

Here's the simulation:


Air line available:03/01/2011 To 04/30/2011
Jorudan co.,Ltd
Keisei-Narita To Monzennakacho Departure 7:10am Mar/11/2011
No.1 FastEasyAkeirono2 Low priceAkeirono3 EasyAkeirono4
On board for 68 minutes (Traveling for 76 minutes)
One-way fare:1,200 yen Distance:54.1 km

Train Info.Departs
Keisei-NaritaMap Hotel
Private RailroadKeisei Line
Rapid-Limited Express
Private RailroadToyokosoku
Commuter Rapid
SubwayTokyo-Metro Tozai Line
Commuter Rapid
MonzennakachoMap Hotel

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