Friday, 11 March 2011

Email exchanges with Cindy "missing" on 3.11

[backdated post written in April 2012 out of my digital logs]

Here's part of communications with Cindy who was supposed to be at my place in Monzen-Nakacho, Tokyo before dark.  First, I sent a message to two of her email accounts, and Cindy responded from Nagoya instead of Tokyo Narita Airport.  We haven't decided yet when to head for Kobe as Cindy was going to meet my parents this time.

11-03-2011 17:07
In case you can't reach me by phone but your mail accounts, I'm sending this now.  

The earthquake created a really big mess in my flat.  Especially for safety reasons, I cannot let you stay here. 

Hotels should be better with tighter security obligations.  I want you nearby, but hotels near Narita could be safer since they are further than the coastal areas.

Hope we can get together anyway :).

Take care.


11-03-2011 18:25
Hi Chiho,

Im so glad to hear from you and that you are ok. I actually stuck at
Nagoya airport still in the plane and this japanese lady has kindly
lent me her note book to type this email.

I think I will stay here and make my way to Osaka Kyoto if we can meet
there as I hear Tokyo is totally chaotic and Narita is closed for
several days.

Would you come?

Will call you ass soon as I get a phone as I realised my cell phone doesnt work.

chat with you soon.
Hope you are safe, heard a second earthquake hit at 6.

talk to you soon,

11-03-2011 19:12
Hi Cindy,

Good you are okay.  (Sorry, it took me too long to notice.)

My place is like this [link to TwitPic of the day] .

Hope you are in the new airport called Centria or something which is itself sort of a popular town if not a resort :).

I have to tidy up my room tomorrow.  O, btw, call me at 050-XXXX-XXXX.
Since my land phone is not NTT's there has been no problem in connection with my family
while most others cannot call e.o.  

I can then call you back from either the IP phone or Skype (cheaper than your calling from hotel's or public phone).

My family think we are arriving in Kobe early next week. I was thinking of Monday...

Anyway, let's talk on the phone.  Give me your hotel name.

JR stopped operation in Kanto area today, and we are not sure how things will go.  

Office workers are told not to try to go home, but keep warm in a safe place like remaining in the office. (It's pretty cold here.)

Talk to you soon.


Cindy couldn't contact me till next morning.  I stayed awake watching TV and playing with Twitter in the flat that kept shaking.  Anything hung on the wall or from the ceiling kept trembling.  Since I kept water in the bathtub for toilet, etc. just in case of water outage, the surface kept moging even when I don't feel it much myself.


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