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Dr Shuntaro Hida, Last Hiroshima MD who saw Mushroom Cloud talks on Internal Exposure (and US Occupation years) 2012 01 27

Dr Shuntaro Hida spoke for the foundation ceremony of Internal Exposure Study Group at Free Journalists' Association on 27 January 2012.

You can see he was one of the few who thought of  the end of Japan as soon as hearing about the Fukushima Daiichi explosions.  He knew the nature of the fuel (mixture of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and he has seen how our Government has behaved in the past 66 years.  He understands that those politicians are always under the US control even now.

(I have been struggling to remember how to put on subtitles, and gave up with YouTube, Vimeo, etc. - now it's completed except that the English subtitles occur if you press "Japanese" button at the bottom left. :( ...)

[translated script (needs editing)]
My name is Shuntaro Hida.

I am now the only doctor still alive in Japan

who has treated radioacitive patients

since the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima.

Therefore, I am the only one who was

actually exposed to the atomic bomb,

and have seen patients both of external and internal exposure to radiation.

I have been seeing the patients in the past 66 years.

I have been the only doctor in the organization

called HIDANKYO (Japan Confederation of A-and H-bomb Sufferers Organizations),

and the doctors all over Japan have consulted me.

The number of patients I have met in person,

diagoniing with my stethoscope, listening to, is at least 6000.

Among them are some survivors still alive

desite the horrible external exposure to radiation.

But I have also seen a number of patients suffering from inexplicable very difficult symptoms

due to internal exposure,

They haven't been treated as a Hibakusha.

Because nothing special was observed form the outside,

they haven't been treated as independent human beings,

and left with discrimination in the society.

Recently, I'm often asked from people abroad

why Japan with experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

has built so many as 53 nuclear power plants along the coast
regardless of the frequent earthquakes.

People called "experts" also speak of the same.

They talk about the fact, but

Nobody talks why this situation occurred.

Viewing it from Hiroshima all these years, the only reason is obvious.

The US Army that occupied Japan issued the statement of military secrets,

and told the Hibakusha's never to tell or write the truth.

They also demanded that medical doctors were only allowed to diagonose the patients, for the nature of the job

but were prohibited from recording the diagnoses, writing a thesis, or copying it.

Also, the Japanese medical society was strictly prohibited from studying radiation.

Anyone violating these rules should be subject to infamous under the occupation forces.

Since the announcement of the statement, Hibakusha's kept silent, and doctors quit recording their diagnoses.

That's why, there is no proper record of true damages

of radiation the Hibakusha's have been experiencing.

So, there are no materials for the Government or doctors today to learn about those days.

I have visited some 30 countries to talk on internal exposure symptoms, to local doctors and academics.

I am asked "Why is it you, as an individual doctor, talk about it?"

"Isn't there any documents issued by the Government?"

I answer, "There's no such a thing."

The reason is, America occupied Japan for 7 years,

and the Japanese Government that succeeded the US occupation,

signed the Japan-US Security Treaty, a military agreement,

by which Japan is not allowed to record anything related to the US nuclear weapons.

So, the Government cannot tell the truth.

I have walked through abroad with such speaches.

When I first heard of the Fukushima Daiichi accident,

My first worry was

that so terrible things have happened to

both kids and parents, or anyone who were affected by TEPCO's radiation

The radioactivities are mixture

of Uranium and Plutonium used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Due to the nature of radioactivities,

People in Fukushima in future will naturally experience

the symptoms which those in Hiroshima and Naggasaki went through with.

Then when will it occur?  From experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

we saw many various internal-exposure symptoms and got completely lost for the causes

about a year from the bombing.

The symptoms were begininng to arise in six months.

Therefore, there will be many people from this March (2012)

who will suffer from very misterious symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no doctor in Japanese medical field

who can kindly treat such patients.

Probably, they will leave the patients saying you have nothing wrong.

As the patients from HIroshima and Nagasaki were

left out even at University Hospitals, being told you have no illness.

But they were unable to work.

They were "killed" by the society with the name "Bura-Bura Byo".

I am worried that the same thing may happen again.

Japan - from the top to the bottom - is totally ignorant.

They know nothing about the true radiation damages

from the atomic bombs that caused the tremendous disasters.

Maybe people know the fact that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed.

But under the mushroom clouds,

or those who breathed or consumed radioactivities inside the bodies

How hard lives they have had to live in the past 66 years

is not known at all.

I believe this is totally America's responsibility.

Chased by the US military policemen

and Japanese policemen

I was helping around Hhibakusha's in bed in Hiroshima

To make it clear, I do not hate American citizens.

But I cannot forgive the guys who first made the atomic bombs

and who first planned the marder by the atomic bombs

For these reasons,

Japan will not end up just with Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

More accidents will definitely occur.

That's why, with a couple more accidents,

Japan will be demolished.

It is such a grave situation

which the Government would never think.

Coming out to the media,

So-called "experts" say there's no problem.

I really want to despise them.

Please, you in the media, note that

damages from radiation are

so terrible things that could endanger human beings

Please keep it in mind and

treat any small matter seriously.

Thank you for listening.


Today, I also reviewed the latest video by Mr and Mrs Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates.  Mr Gundersen is more serious than in any past video about the worst scenario of Fukushima Daiichi, or rather about the world's destiny if not just Japan.  He even talks about the smartgrid and attempts to persuade the Japanese "economy" to take this opportunity to show the technological strength for new energy as soon as possible.

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