Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - Surviving Disaster (Nuclear Power Generation as International Crime!)

Coming across this film was astonishing since this is not the past, but what's been going on right in front of us in Japan.  (Well, for friends in Fukushima, the early part is "deja vu" - they were left uninformed of the serious fallout, walked under the sun, or in the radioactive rain/snow.)

The pattern of politicians' actions is universal. If we give up, and the world still support IAEA, the same thing will happen, which we are very sure of.

 uploaded on 2008/12/22 
The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster from the BBC documentary series, Surviving Disaster. This episode follows the accident as told by Valeri Legasov (played by Adrian Edmondson, in one of his more serious roles), the Russian scientist who was a key member of the Soviet government commission formed to investigate the causes of the catastrophe and to plan the mitigation of its consequences. This is quite a chilling tale of events. Some of the documentary was filmed on location in the abandoned town of Pripyat and inside one of the remaining 3 (now closed) nuclear reactors located at Chernobyl.

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