Friday, 25 May 2012

Do you still believe IAEA, UNSCEAR, and WHO??

Here's a video distributed quite a few times in the past before and after 311, but has recently been widely distributed in a couple of days, despite this: it is deleted from the video sites many times over.

Please spare 50 minutes this weekend - even little by little, and watch this fully.  Hopefully, remember names of the conference attendants.  (I'll add the self-obsessed ones later... )

It begins with the children suffering from repetitive adults' diseases early this millennium whose parents had been babies or young kids in April 1986 when the Chernobyl Reactor #4 exploded.  Some were not even living in the notably contaminated areas, but people in the region ate local fooods.

You can see how Dr Yuri Bandazhevsky got "arrested" leaving extremely important theses and books re internal exposure to radiation.  It is also viewed how Dr Chris Busby's report re low-dose radiation exposure slipped out of the WHO official documents despite the suggestion by Mr Hiroshi Nakajima, the then-former Director General.  Nakajima says Busby's statement is in line with the WHO statements.  (The scientists financially supported by ICRP or IAEA crowded out any harmful evidence for development of more-nuke society.)

This video is an extremely important evidence as to how the pro-nuclear organisations like IAEA or UNSCEAR "erased" the millions of victims (estimated roughly 600 million when the film was made, but still increasing) of the accident from this world by buying cheap scientists with money, and crush down true evidence.  The countless bits and pieces of our knowledge about groups like ECRR or NY Science Academy, etc. (i.e., more human life-oriented organizations than nuke interests) we have gained over the year now see the origin.  Why these people had to stand up against the incumbent radiation theories (-to-be).

Even without knowing the context, you can tell who's on which side, and what each one is trying to do.  Who is trying to support the industry (money) and who is desperate to protect lives.

I'm one those who felt urge of uploading the video too as soon as possible (while being busy fighting with radioactive debris burning crazy actions by Kitakyushu City, from where most winds flow toward the rest of the country) .

To my agony, so many good films are often find only in Germany or French, but not English.  This time, thank God, someone in China uploaded the English version with Chinese subtitles (first before 3.11, then last year).

But if this video is ever erased, please open this zip file

Can you hear positively the names like IAEA or UNSCEAR next time you hear them in TV news, etc.?  Think how many lives they have sacrificed by now, and are going to add even more.  Well, about WHO (World Health Organisation), it is just when it comes to nuclear-related as they lose authority dominated by IAEA since the 1959 treaty.

We should not remain ignorance any more.  Without understanding this core part, you cannot understand Thrive Movement or Occupy actions.

For mobile phone users (in Japan), I prepared screen shot versions of the documentary.
Though I haven't completed typing narrations (<-- very important), all the English and Japanese subtitles have been captured.  This will help you remember names of persons with their words.

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