Saturday, 7 April 2012

We'll Never Give Up! No Debris! No Restart of Ohi Nuke Plant!!

This Friday was a busy day - I couldn't complete this post before the date changed.

Till late in the morning, I was still struggling to send out a few messages with source links to Kobe, Akashi, Kakogawa mayers and Hyogo Pref. Governor, to request them to stop accepting radioactive contaminated debris that they plan to reach the conclusion on Monday.

The evidences of deaths or hospitalizations obviously from breathing in the fume of burnt debris are increasing, even though the mass media neglect reporting on these facts.  (We get information from quite reliable independent sources including real insider friends.)

After some sleep, in the evening, I prepared for watching live videos/tweets/photos of the people gathering in Tokyo (Prime Minister's Official House), Osaka (Kansai Electric's Main Building) and Kyoto to protest against the Noda administration's crazy instant decision to resume Ohi Nuclear Plant operation.  They even decided to neglect local prefectures' opinions such as Kyoto and Shiga (if Lake Biwa is contaminated, at least 12 million people will be immediately affected).  Well, I would welcome neglecting local opinions if for not building or operating any nuclear power stations that can affect anyone not just in this country but all over the world, indeed.

Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream
We must stop Ohi Power Plants by all means to prove that Fukushima Disaster gave us enough lesson of how much risks we had for almost no benefits.  The pro-nukes are even more desperate to re-operate Ohi as the starting point to make other nuke plants such as Ikata and Genkai plants follow it.

The notification of gatherings was distributed quite late in the evening/night after we saw the 4/5 ridiculous news that the four crazy men in the Government with no radiation expertise decided (obviously under pressure from the Electric vested-interest groups) the newly introduced safety rules were going to be applied to Ohi Plant for reopening.

Silly, huh? The new safety measures were fixed (with lots of loopholes) in two days by non-experts who have never taken any responsibility for Fukushima catastrophe yet.  Not even one victim has been rescued yet.  Kids in Fukushima are still exposed to incredibly high radiation.  School children all over Japan have been subject to unchecked school lunches (except a few as some school began monitoring albeit with quite a loose benchmark - as the budget and time are limited).

The Goverment's referees were Nuclear Safety Commission that proved its inability to prevent, or rather caused the Fukushima explosions, but haven't been arrested yet.  Neither arrested yet are TEPCO's management who historically neglected countless essential safety measures.  Both the management and the permanent employees are enjoying reduced-but-still-much-higher-than-average income levels including "BONUS" in June and December.  On the other hand, many residents in (or evacuees from)  Fukushima are suffering for e.g., double loans for lands and houses where they won't be able to live forever.  Some committed suicide already.  Though the media ignores, we know of quite a few Fukushima radiation-related deaths in the past year.

Embedded above are the videos of Tokyo Actions against the four men in Prime Minister Office (wish there were English subtitles as every speech was worthwhile while our initiatives are slowly growing the way it never happened in the modern history - people from every level/generation/class/industry stood together in the cold wind without much preparation but by very short notice.

The rest of us in Twitter/Facebook/Ustream members sent our spirit there by commenting/communicating to realize we are together indeed.

We take this opportunity to change this rotten country for the first time that began last year without knowing till when we will have to fight the nuclear mafia.  Certainly the civil war between money-seekers and life-protectors are going on.  Some have been already killed and reported as sudden deaths or unconvincing "suicide".  The court is on the pro-nukes side just as most other countries which operate nuclear power plants.

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