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"Our Responsibility is to Protect Lives and Properties of People"

The photo of Tokyo Newspaper's top article on the 6 April morning with the caption of anti-nukes local government leaders's gathering has been calling many visitors on the web.  I first shared it in Facebook, and then posted it in TwitPic which was visited by more than 1000 viewers with joy in the first 20 hours.

The news is the fact that this article was released as the top news of the day amidst the Government's desperate struggle to go ahead with reopening of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant.  The bravery shown by The Tokyo Newspaper is so rare to find under the pressure from the nuclear mafia where all the major media hardly criticize the presence of nuclear power.  The worst is Yomiuri which was basically founded to brainwash the Japanese for the purpose of using nuclear power even after the atomic bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It should be appropriate enough to call this coverage "brave" since Tokyo NP's parent company is Chubu Newspaper, and its major shareholders include Chube Electric, meaning, the local company is under control by the electric allies.  So, both papers sometimes have to keep silent like other media as well.

In talking of "bravery", we also recall that Hiroshi Yasuda, the 54 year-old executive managing director of Jonan Shinkin Bank (the venue of the Conference described below) was found dead on 9 June 2011, some time after the Bank declared its policy to become free from nuclear power.  (Ref. the Yomiuri 6/10 source article, which I did see, linked inside has been deleted including the cache.)

I have managed to translate the Tokyo NP original article as follows:

Tokyo Newspaper [Society] 6 April 2012 07:00am
Anti-Nuke Local Government Leaders Into A Scrum

"Conference of Local Government Leaders to Achieve Nuclear Power Free Society (temtative indication)" is reportedly called by 15 local political leaders who declared abandonment of nuclear power generation, in view of the last year's acceident of Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The leaders invite all the other local administrative leaders in the country, and are going to hold the inaugural meeting on 28th April at Jonan Shinkin Bank in Shinagawa Tokyo.  The bank also maintains the anti-nuke policy.

The Conference's purpose is to realize the zero-nuke society promptly, not allowing any new construction of a nuclear power plant.  Gen Mikami, Mayor of Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture and Kimiko Uehara, a former Mayor of Kunitachi City, Tokyo, who attended Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World held in Yokohama in January, hit it off to build a sustainable network of local government leaders, and have proceeded toward the establishment.

Tatsuya Murakami, Mayor of Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture where Japan Atomic Power Company's Tokai 2nd Nuclear Power Plant is located, and Katsunobu Sakurai, Mayor of Minamisoma City, Fukushima near Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, and other leaders joined as callers.  Eleven of them are currently in the office, while Eisaku Sato, the former Governor of Fukushima Prefecture and Taro Kono, Lower House member of LDP, Takashi Shinohara, Lower House member of DPJ, Mizuho Fukushima, SDP Chief will take up the positions advisors.

Mayor of Kosai Gen Mikami
Mayor Gen Mikami
The Charter maintains that the Fukushima accident gave an end to the safety mith of nuclear power plants, and that it is unacceptable the economy be prioritized over sacrifice of residents.  It also argues that they will voice the goal of the society that does not rely on the nuclear power, and the need of realizing renewable energy as local policies.

The Conference members are going to hold semianual meetings to share information and study in order to make specific policies for zero nuclear power generation as well as introduction of renewable energy. At the end of March, they sent by post invitation letters for joining the initiative to some 1700 mayors of cities, wards, towns and villages all over Japan.

Mayor Mikami, in Kosai City talks of his determination, "I have kept thinking over a year that we must unite local political leaders toward zero nuclear power generation.  The political leaders' responsibility is protect lives and properties of the residents."

Tokyo Newspaper

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