Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fukushima - Could 85 Times More Cesium than Chernobyl be Released?

The Fukushima nuclear accident is worse than Chernobyl - There's nothing so surprising to many of us getting information in Twitter and Facebook, but it's not the case outside the SNS world. 

This video clip is from Russia Today of 2012/4/18 (about 31min from the start of Full Show 4/18/12: Republicans "Deem and Pass" Ryan Budget).

A few shots are missing before this part begins.  The screenshots from RT_America are as follows. 


As Kavin Kamps tells (and quite a few experts have been saying),  even without earthquakes, there are fundamental structure problems in the General Electric nuclear reactors.

It is just that GE and nuke interests have too much power for coverage by mainstream media including MSNBC (Microsoft is a 100% subsidiary of GE).

The world is in threat not just Japan.  

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