Thursday, 4 September 2014

Human are intrinsically peaceful - Sebastiao Salgado, GENESIS

Brazilian photographer, Sebastiao Salgado.

This film (of Nov 2013) was shared in Facebook in September 2014.
I used to think war is unavoidable in the human history because of the nature of ego in ourselves. But Sebastiao Salgado proved that humans are intrinsically peaceful. Here's copy from SwissInfo:

NOV 23, 2013 - 11:00
When Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado Finished Exodus, aproject documenting the migration journeys of people across 40countries in the late 1990s, he had witnessed so much violence that helost his faith in humanity and was on the brink of depression.VIRGIN PLANETThe Genesis of SebastiãoSalgado 
Retreating to his family’s fazenda (large farm) in Aimorés, the village of his birth in theBrazilian state of Minas Gerais, he found a region which had su─ered signi挀cantdeforestation since his youth. 
His parents handed on the estate to him, and together with Lélia, his partner in both lifeand work, Salgado set about replanting this part of the Atlantic Forest. In doing so, hecreated Project Earth, which has resulted in the planting of more than two million trees.Reenergised by their success, the couple came up with the idea for Genesis, a projectthat aims to reveal parts of the planet that are still untouched. 
The project required two years of preparation, eight years of travelling – from theAntarctic to the Arctic, the Galapagos to the Amazon – and another two years to edit.The two-volume Genesis has quickly become a bestseller and has been the subject ofphotographic exhibitions in several countries. Currently showing at Lausanne’s Muséede l’Elysée until January 5, Salgado talks to about the project.
In another video, you can hear Salgado speak:

Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS

I began to understand what John Lennon was singing in Imagine.  I would no longer think he's a dreamer


The Spectre of Hope

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