Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"The Fukushima Syndorome" - Battle with Nuke Interests in Oma, Iwaishima, etc.

The video title seems to be simply after "China Syndrome" the old movie in which the nuclear fuel could have melted through to China.  But the stories are more about how the nuclear interests harm human beings - not only Japan, never only in Fukushima.

Till I came across this (either by this video or someone's blog news), I had never known of the lady called Asako who all alone lived in the house her mother left kept resisting J-Power's attempt to build Oma Nuclear Power Plant despite persistent harassment.  Oma was a fishermen's village (Oma Tuna is known for the high quality), but people were "bought" by nuke-money one after another.

Soon after we saw this video, we learned that Tohoku Electric was threatening her by warning to close the path to the land, saying almost no one is using the place around her home and such a place should be made more useful for "public".   Obviously, they were only attempting to destroy her daily life to begin the planned construction.  (This plan is crazy since it is not far from the extremely dangerous Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Recycling Plant also in Aomori, and Tomari Nuclear Power Plant in Hokkaido - the last operating plant in Japan till May 5th, 2012).

People on Twitter and FB shared her address, calling her home "Asako House", started to send her cards, letters, parcels, etc. so that someone to deliver these things use the path everyday ceaselessly.  Probably with support from volunteers,  Asako has been replying to each sender.  The connection was built through SNS's.

In the middle of the video appears Hitomi Kamanaka, a movie director now very well known to us, talks of her experiences of meeting children in Iraq suffering and dying from depleted uranium - the garbage that came out as our "electricity" fuel out of the nuclear power plant, even though the bombers were American armies.

Now quite a few of us know of this sad truth from the book "Naibu-hibaku no Kyoi" (Threat of Internal Radioactive Exposure) co-authored by Ms Kamanaka and Dr Shuntaro Hida (94yo doctor who saw thousands of atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima, sometimes chased by GHQ to get put in a prison).

These are only a few out of countless facts I learned only after the 311 Fukushima Daiichi catastrophe.  The signs must have been everywhere, but I didn't see or listen, knowing the solution for processing the accumulating used fuels has not been found yet.  Which means, I didn't even know the close relationship between the nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.

This video also let me see the face of Director Kamanaka, and I happened to see her movie when it came to our city center (major movie theaters do not accept anti-nuke films), and learned a little more about the Iraqi situation and new energy sources prospering outside Japan (often our technology not reported inside Japan).

Ignorance is sin, and can kill the innocent.

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